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Science in a Box

‘Science in a Box’ exists to demystify the making of a medicine, inviting students to learn about medicine development, the role of the pharmaceutical industry and the range of career opportunities that exist within life sciences.


Developed by Pfizer UK colleagues, the programme is available in primary and secondary school editions and is facilitated by our STEM and SIP Ambassadors trained on Science in a Box.

Now available for home-learning

As part of our response efforts to the coronavirus outbreak, we have adapted our lesson materials to enable children to participate online from home:



Medicine and Me

'Medicine and Me' is the primary school 'Science in a Box' edition, aimed at Key Stage 2 children (7-8 year olds).


The resource pack is designed to inspire and motivate school children to have an interest in science, using the topic of medicines. It contains 5 modules, beginning with an introductory puzzle that offers a simple overview of how medicines are discovered and the key steps in this process. There are an additional 4 activities designed to be delivered in a sequential manner or as separate activities which teachers or students can choose from.

Module 1: Introduction

Puzzle | 10-20 mins

Module 2: Learning about medicine

Board game | 20 mins


Module 3: Discovering a medicine

Making slime | 20 mins

Module 4: Distributing a medicine

Making a box | 20 mins


Module 5: Staying well

Hand washing | 20 mins

Molecule to Medicine

Aimed at 13-14 year olds, our 'Molecule to Medicine' resource guides secondary school students through the key steps that are taken to discover and develop a medicine.


The introductory module provides a summary of the stages involved in developing a medicine, whilst each of the subsequent modules delve deeper into each of the processes.

Module Components Duration
  • Facilitator fact cards
  • Map puzzle
  • Student information cards
15 - 30 mins
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Pack of 4 mindmaps
  • Presentation pad
90 mins
  • Instruction card
  • Board game, counters & dice
30 mins
Molecule development
  • Instructions
  • Molymod® modelling kits
  • 'Jenga' Activity Blocks
45 - 60 mins
Medicine development
  • Experiment instructions
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Vials of 5 different sugars
  • Scanning electron microscope images
45 mins
Clinical trials
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • A2 clinical phase board & 12 cards
  • Jelly Belly® jelly beans
  • Master Results spreadsheet
  • Drawstring bag with counters
60 mins
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Crossword puzzle activity
60 mins
Supply: The manufacturing train
  • Board game, counters, dice & cards
60 mins
Supply: Packaging & delivery
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Build a box activity
  • counterfeit medicines presentation
45 - 60 mins


Want to know more?

Call 01304 616161 and ask to be put through to the Pfizer Colleague and Community Engagement team.


PP-PFE-GBR-2546 / April 2020