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Research partnerships

Great science means sharing knowledge and resources to work faster and achieve more.


Academic collaborations are a rich source of creativity and scientific talent. Pooling resources and expertise can help the UK life sciences community to find and develop more new medicines and vaccines. It’s what we call our “R&D ecosystem”.

Pfizer contributes to over a hundred research collaborations and strategic alliances across the UK.1 Through these partnerships, we work with scientists, academics and clinicians to deliver world leading scientific research.



In 2015 we joined ADDoPT, a 4 year £20.4 million collaborative project between government, pharmaceutical companies, SME's and academia.


Our INSPIRE partnerships with NHS research networks are part of Pfizer’s international network of preferred sites for clinical research, helping to bring innovative medicines to patients in the UK and around the world.

Medical Research Council Collaboration

Since 2014, Pfizer has collaborated with the UK-based Medical Research Council to make available a ‘virtual library’ of compounds for use by academic researchers in the UK.

The Stratified Medicine Programme

We are proud to be a pharmaceutical sponsor of the Stratified Medicine Programme, a collaborative initiative that aims to make a difference to patients with cancer through ‘precision’ medicine.

Partnership with Regeneron for UK Biobank exome sequencing

We are part of a collaboration that aims to speed up the exome sequencing of 500,000 UK participants.



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