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Research and Development funding

For over 65 years, Pfizer has had a long and proud history of being part of world class science in the UK. We work side by side with British science to discover and develop medicines and vaccines that meet unmet patient needs.

Whilst aspects of our medicines development are conducted in our own laboratories, we also have over 100 collaborations with academia and life sciences partners here in the UK.

As part of our annual disclosure of payments and drive towards greater transparency, the pharmaceutical industry now shares data on how much money it has spent in the previous financial year on third party payments related to research and development activities in the UK.

The report summarises transfers of value relating to clinical research and supporting data monitoring committees. In 2019, 64% of Pfizer’s disclosed payments - that's over £17.7 million -  were related to research and development activities versus 11.4% which were healthcare professional payments and 24.6% which were healthcare organisation payments.

Find out more about our payments to UK healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations 

Every medicine and vaccine we create involves healthcare professional input at all stages of the product lifecycle. Without that vital engagement, we wouldn’t be able to produce effective medicines to meet patients' needs. The relationships we hold with healthcare professionals are invaluable as they work with patients to manage and treat conditions everyday. They tell us what works for patients in the real world, and ensure we keep our focus on the end goal – supporting doctors and other health professionals in providing the best possible care and treatments to patients"

Julian K Thompson PHD, MBA, Vice President, Worldwide Safety & Regulatory International and Pfizer Sandwich Site Head


PP-PFE-GBR-2726 / June 2020