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Partnership For Better Health

Developing strong partnerships with government, the NHS, patient organisations, other healthcare organisations and industry is fundamental to ensuring UK patients gain access to much needed medicines and vaccines.


Read our thought leadership articles below to learn more about what key challenges, we believe, need to be tackled to ensure medical breakthroughs of the future reach patients, and how the UK can continue to attract investment from the life sciences industry.

Pfizer Vaccines | 8th November 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has put viruses front and centre, but what exactly are they?

Pfizer Vaccines | 25th October 2021

Find out more about how vaccines train the immune system to fight off infections and viruses.

Susan Rienow | 29th September 2021

Susan Rienow shares Pfizer's continued investment in the battle against COVID-19.

Dr Gillian Ellsbury | 23rd August 2021

Dr Gillian Ellsbury, Medical Director for Vaccines, Pfizer UK & Ireland, discusses the importance of partnerships in addressing some of the world’s greatest health challenges.

Pfizer Hospital | 11th August 2021

As we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, there is increasing focus on what may cause the next public health crisis, and what steps can be done to mitigate its impact.

Hannah Stevenson | 14th June 2021

Medical Lead for Chronic Pain, Hannah Stevenson, discusses how osteoarthritis can impact people's lives including their mental health.

Pfizer Vaccines | 24th May 2021

With a renewed focus on keeping people well, vaccination could help to contribute to a more sustainable NHS and a healthier, more resilient future for Britain.

Owen Marks | 14th March 2021

Head of Rare Disease, Owen Marks discusses the development of gene therapy, and its potentially transformative impact on the rare disease community.

Susan Rienow | 4th March 2021

Susan Rienow, UK Hospital Business Lead, discusses the importance of a global, collaborative response to antibiotic resistance.

Seema Patel | 22nd February 2021

Seema Patel, UK Hospital Business Medical Lead, explores the potential of antiviral treatments to attempt to lower the impact of COVID-19 on patients' lives.

Pfizer Oncology | 18th February 2021

For many metastatic breast cancer patients, the current lack of official, good quality patient data poses several challenges for those involved in the delivery of healthcare.

Berkeley Phillips | 12th February 2021

UK Medical Director, Dr Berkeley Phillips, shares his thoughts on why, now more than ever, the life sciences industry has a responsibility to listen to the unique and changing needs of patients.

Ben Osborn | 21st January 2021

Our Country Manager, reflects on the impact of COVID-19 on older people and those with long-term conditions.

Erling Donnelly | 27th October 2020

Erling Donnelly PhD, UK Oncology Lead, discusses the effect breast cancer has across society, far beyond the individual receiving the diagnosis.

Darius Hughes | 15th October 2020

Darius Hughes, Head of UK Vaccines, discusses why the challenge of this year's winter flu season could be more critical than ever before.

Monica Nijher | 12th October 2020

Monica Nijher, UK Immunology & Inflammation Medical Lead, discusses why the threat of a second wave means the clinically vulnerable need our support more than ever.

Pfizer UK | 24th September 2020

Pfizer launches ‘VacciNation’, a vision for protecting the health, wealth and resilience of the UK by unlocking the personal and societal value of vaccines.

Pfizer UK | 25th August 2020

In the global battle against COVID-19, we're focusing on a technology called an mRNA vaccine. Learn more about the science behind mRNA vaccines.

Pfizer UK | 11th August 2020

Pfizer UK Oncology Medical Director,
Dr Olivia Ashman, discusses what the future holds for cancer care post COVID-19.

Erling Donnelly | 1st August 2020

Erling Donnelly PhD, UK Oncology Lead, reflects on the continued impact of smoking on the health of UK citizens and the need for us to support those quitting in response to COVID-19.

Dr Gillian Ellsbury | 31st July 2020

Dr Gillian Ellsbury, Medical Director for Vaccines, Pfizer UK & Ireland, discusses the importance of vaccinations to help keep our population healthy and well during the winter season.

Julian Thompson & Deborah Clark | 30th April 2020

Pfizer UK R&D leaders discuss the latest scientific developments and the essential role of partnerships and our colleagues during the COVID-19 crisis.

Erling Donnelly | 12th February 2020

Through breakthrough science and innovative new treatments, we are transforming survival rates. It is crucial that we now look at what it means to live with cancer and take steps to reduce the ‘ripple effect’.

Dr Olivia Ashman | 12th June 2019

We need to set in place the right framework across the entire health system to ensure patients, particularly those affected by rare cancers, can benefit from the promise of genomic medicine.

Pfizer UK | 26th March 2019

We're proud to be leading the conversation on the AMR crisis, working closely with industry, government, NHS and other healthcare organisations to take a cross functional approach.

Owen Marks | 12th March 2019

There is a real opportunity here for us to embrace a renewed partnership and together deliver the treatment a generation of patients need.

Ben Osborn | 11th February 2019

We share the NHS’s ambition to deliver a radical upgrade in prevention and public health.

Pfizer Healthcare Hub | February 2018

Our competitive grant winners Cera, Give Vision and Echo discuss the progress they have made in partnership with Pfizer in the first six months.

Pfizer Healthcare Hub | November 2017

With so many different innovations, how will technology help improve the delivery of healthcare and what will this mean for the quality of patient care?

Pfizer Healthcare Hub | August 2017

Start-ups mPharma and Telesophia share their experience of collaborating with Pfizer in Tel Aviv.


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