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Meet Tom

"A real commitment to volunteering."

UK External Communications Manager, Pfizer UK

Since arriving at Pfizer, Tom's been impressed both with the company's support for volunteering and its support for bold ideas.


"When it comes to supporting volunteering, Pfizer really does mean business. We’re actively encouraged to use the five paid volunteering days a year that every employee is granted.  

Outside of work, I'm a trained Samaritans listening volunteer. These five extra days have meant I can put in more hours on the phone, listening to people that need to be heard. What’s more, because I can use my volunteer days in the week during normal office hours, I get the opportunity to do outreach work with schools, too. It’s the chance to talk to younger people, and try to encourage them to open up about topics which might be taboo to discuss in their everyday life – like mental health."


"A time of innovation and change."

"I work as an External Communications Manager, primarily supporting the Oncology Business Unit. Since I've joined, it's been a time of big change. Internally, the company is moving more and more towards a focus on R&D and innovation – putting breakthroughs that change patients' lives at its core. And of course, nationally, we've had two seismic events – Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic. So it’s been a hugely busy time.

I was very impressed by Pfizer's response to Coronavirus, and the way a coherent 5-point plan was so swiftly developed. In a rapidly evolving situation, we moved fast to make sure we could optimise our scientific expertise, our people and our infrastructure to provide the greatest amount of help in the fight against the virus.

I’m especially proud that during the COVID-19 outbreak, we gave all our medically trained colleagues in the UK the opportunity to go back and volunteer in the NHS for 12 weeks - supported completely by Pfizer."


"A culture of bold thinking"

"Being involved in a collaborative project between Pfizer and Demos to create a report on the societal impact of cancer has been a highlight for me. The report explores the ripple effect cancer has - on families, on people's careers, on mental health, on employers and on the economy.   

It gives a much broader perspective on the effects cancer can have above and beyond the consequences for someone’s health. I’m proud that as well as developing vital new oncology treatments, Pfizer is also working to lead the conversation on how families can be supported through their journey with cancer.   

This speaks to Pfizer's culture right now – to be bold.  It’s easy not to put yourself out there or try to innovate – through fear of inviting criticism. However, here at Pfizer, we're encouraged to be courageous and run with new ideas."



PP-PFE-GBR-2745 / July 2020