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Meet Stephanie

"There are so many opportunities to learn, to get involved, to have an impact."

Graduate Trainee, Pfizer UK

From helping drive through initiatives to close the gender pay gap, to getting involved in the One Young World summit, Steph's making the most of the many opportunities Pfizer has to offer a new graduate.


"When I heard that there was a new initiative to close the gender pay gap here at Pfizer, I asked if I could get involved in helping make it happen. There are five different work streams in place to drive action. I helped evolve the recruitment diversity initiative which is looking to ensure we are hiring talent from the widest possible sector of the community – including attracting more women at every level.  

We worked closely with the Talent Acquisition team in HR to look at every stage of the recruitment process, highlighting where we could add more gender balance and evolving our processes to make change happen. Next, we scripted, shot and edited a video explaining our new ways of working from more diverse interview panels, to gender-neutral language in attraction materials. Finally, we shared the film with every one of our hiring managers. From some words from our UK MD, to a filmed Q&A session with the Head of Talent Acquisition, the video really helped showcase the new process."


"I helped facilitate some awesome conversations."

"My first year as a graduate here has been spent working in Marketing in the area of Inflammation and Immunology. My favourite project was working on a big event bringing together health professionals who might not normally get to hear from each other - from across the fields of rheumatology and gastroenterology.  

I was given lots of ownership to help plan and run it. We had amazing speakers and chairs who encouraged some awesome conversations, with everyone from doctors and nurses to physios learning from each other.  

I also got to volunteer at the One Young World summit in London, using two of my five volunteering days. There, more than 2,000 young leaders came together from 190 countries, to discuss their work on tackling some of the key challenges the world faces. To hear these 16-25 year olds share the ways they are bringing about real change in areas from climate change to human trafficking was very inspiring."


"There's incredible L&D here."

"I've got my own external learning coach, and I've done all sorts of courses on everything from presentation skills to networking. I also have a mentor who is a senior leader in the business – but working in a completely different part of Pfizer so can offer great experience and objective advice.   

In such a big company, with such global reach, there are just so many people to learn from. Even just waiting in the coffee queue in the café at work, you can get talking to someone who's doing something completely different to you – working on a breakthrough cancer treatment, or sorting out the finances for launching a major drug trial. It's so interesting."


PP-PFE-GBR-2743 / July 2020