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Meet Mathew

"Although Pfizer's a big company, it doesn't feel like it. You are treated as an individual. You're trusted."

Commercial Graduate Trainee, Pfizer UK

Since Mathew joined Pfizer as a graduate, he's been impressed by the flexible work culture, and the way wellbeing is taken so seriously.


"There's a real culture of trust at Pfizer. No-one's looking over your shoulder. You can go to the gym at lunchtime, or phone the bank to sort out an urgent query, without worrying that anyone's questioning where you are or what you're doing.  

Fitness is really important to me. So to have an on-site gym here at the Walton Oaks site, and a culture that means you can use it during the workday without feeling guilty is really important. In fact, all the facilities are great. We have a meditation room, weekly yoga classes, and a nice restaurant. It all makes for a low-stress environment. Going into work’s a genuine pleasure. Everyone is very serious about the important work we do. But no-one takes themselves too seriously."


"An amazing graduate programme"

"I enrolled on the 2018 Pfizer Future Leadership programme to complete two 12-month rotations in marketing and sales. In my first year, I was allowed to take the lead in planning for the congresses my brand was attending. I worked with our agency to prepare exhibition stands and other materials that would present all the latest data in the most compelling way.  

It’s pretty cool to be at a congress, and to see the stand that you helped plan and create being built – and to watch customers interacting with it. Now I’m working in sales. We don't have arbitrary targets. No manager here ever mentions call rate. It's about building relationships – and long term-planning. I have the autonomy to decide what's a priority and who it’s important for me to see. There’s no box ticking or doing things for the sake of it."


"You get a lot of attention from senior people."

"As a graduate, you have a mentor, who's a senior leader in another area of the business. You also have a graduate buddy. This is great, as they've just been through the same programme you have and can offer really useful advice. In my case, my buddy actually did my exact job before me.  

You also get your own training coach. It's a big bonus. You have five days with them in your first year. The idea is that they help you transition from being a student to the world of work. The coaches are external – completely separate from Pfizer and even from the world of pharma. It's real one-on-one attention. Pfizer really takes care of you."



PP-PFE-GBR-2742 / July 2020