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Meet Mark

"No other company could have worked harder to support my personal happiness, my wellbeing, or my development"

Training Lead, Analytical Research and Development, Pfizer UK

From helping him move into the training role he loves, to being there for him when his mum got cancer, Mark explains why he loves working at Pfizer.


"Ten years ago, out of the blue whilst I was at work, I got a phone call from my mum, saying she had been diagnosed with cancer. I just froze – and was in complete shock. My supervisor who sat next to me noticed something was wrong. I kept saying, "I just need to get this work finished." But he said, "No, you don't have to get anything done – go home".

Pfizer gave me paid leave to go to check-ups and appointments with my mum. I was also moved onto more flexible hours – so I could work at times that suited our needs right then. It meant I could really be there for her, through her operation and all of her radiotherapy treatment. My teammates also picked up work and helped reschedule projects. They even sent my mum some flowers. To top it all, Pfizer put me in touch with a mental health mentor, to help support me, and make sure I wasn’t overloading myself."


"I’ve gained so much from my time here."

"I've got so much to thank Pfizer for. Not least on a personal level. The woman that trained me when I first arrived, I fell in love with and married. And the fact that I've been best man for three of my friends at Pfizer shows what a friendly, warm place it is to work.

I love people, and I love working closely with them, one-to-one. Pfizer saw that, and helped me to carve out a new role that perfectly matched my skills and inclinations. They helped me transition from working directly as a scientist with the Drug Product Group, into a role as Training Lead for Analytical Research and Development - a global department of over 300 people. I get to work with every new key scientist that joins us, introducing them to our labs, and the vital MHRA* regulations. Nothing could suit me better."


"Supporting the next generation"

"Another aspect of working at Pfizer that I love is the chance to get involved in inspiring the next generation. A few years ago, a young woman I didn't recognise came up to me at my desk at work, and said "Hello Mark." Turns out, she had done work experience with me in the labs at Pfizer, and had loved it so much that she changed her GCSE subjects to be more science based, went on to study sciences at a higher level and then got a job at Pfizer!

I also feel really proud of working with our industrial placement students, who have taken their third year out of university to work with us. I worked with one young student to generate a project for her final year. I hadn’t been working directly in the lab for a while then, but together we managed to put it all together! When her results came out, she rang me to tell me she'd got a first. She was crying – and I was crying too!"


* Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

PP-PFE-GBR-2741 / July 2020