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Meet Lisa-Ann

"I do my job because in a life-changing moment, someone will be relying on me, on the work I have done, to help them."

Senior Manager, Safety Solutions, Pfizer UK

Lisa-Ann explains the role effective pharmaceuticals played in helping her own son when he was dangerously ill and the vital part she plays in getting new treatments to the patients that need them.


"Not long after I joined Pfizer, I was going on holiday with my parents and my two small boys. We were so excited when we set off from Heathrow, but during the flight my youngest boy – who was just one and a bit at the time – became very ill. He was struggling to breathe, clutching at the air with his hands and starting to turn blue. We went straight from landing to the trauma unit at the hospital – where he got worse, and his blood oxygen level fell below 80.

The Consultant then said he was going to try him on two drugs - an anti-inflammatory and an antibiotic. To my huge relief, he rapidly got better. But the experience changed the way I saw my work. All over the world, there will be people who will be in situations like I was with my son. In that moment, they could be relying on me – on the work I have done – to help them when they are very ill. It gives you a feeling of pride that cannot be bought with money."


"My professional progression has been something of a fairy-tale!"

"I started off as a contractor at Pfizer in 2014. After a year, I was taken on in a permanent role as a Drug Safety Officer, and then in 2016 became a Senior Drug Safety Officer. After coming back from maternity leave, I was then promoted again to be a Manager in the Drug Safety Group, and then a Senior Manager in Safety Solutions. If you put in the work, you will be rewarded here.

There are so many opportunities to develop, from going on secondments in other departments, to studying a wide range of online Harvard courses. You can learn so much, and try out so many different roles, without having to move company once. Join Pfizer, and they will help you find out what you want to do in life."


"I'm really proud of our team's work to bring new treatments to market – and to the patients who really need them."

"Before we can get a new treatment to patients, we have to apply for a licence from a number of different regulatory bodies around the world. These bodies go through every shred of evidence from the trials, and can visit any clinical site that's been involved in a drug’s development to inspect them – with or without notice.

During this process, we're the spokespeople for the whole of Pfizer – making sure that our evidence is meticulously presented. It’s a hectic time – as we manage working in different time zones with different regulators. As we worked to get approval for the treatment, I travelled to Spain, the States and Germany in the space of just three weeks, whilst my colleagues went as far afield as China and South Africa. But there’s no greater satisfaction than seeing a medicine in a hospital or high-street pharmacy and thinking – 'I was part of the team that got it here'."



PP-PFE-GBR-2747 / July 2020