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ByYourSide app and website launched to help cancer patients in need

Pfizer Oncology today launches ByYourSide™, a digital support programme designed specifically to help people living with cancer, as well as their friends and family members.

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Every day, more than 990 people are diagnosed with cancer in the UK.1 The impact of a diagnosis can be life-changing, and those affected can often feel isolated, confused and overwhelmed. Nearly half (47%) of those living with cancer find it hard to ask for help from friends and family.2 In addition, while patients are becoming increasingly connected3, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with the vast amount of information available online.  

Today, as we live through unprecedented times, online connections are an even more essential lifeline for people living with cancer. Since the coronavirus outbreak, life has become uncertain, unpredictable and a source of great stress for many people, but for cancer patients the situation may feel particularly worrying. The need to keep in touch with loved ones is therefore more pertinent than ever, which is why Pfizer has launched ByYourSide™, to provide patients with extra digital support to help them stay connected through this difficult time.

For those living with cancer, there are many physical, psychological and emotional factors that come with a diagnosis. The pressures and stresses on patients are especially acute now, and at times like these it is vital that we support people living with cancer in every way we can. We hope that initiatives such as ByYourSide™ can help patients stay connected and offer support to navigate some of the challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis.”

Erling Donnelly PhD, Oncology Lead, Pfizer UK

ByYourSide™ brings together a range of support resources for those living with all cancer types, at all stages of their journey. Patients can build a circle of support with their loved ones, monitor pain, mood and activity levels, track online or remote appointments and provide extra tools to help them live well with cancer.

ByYourSide™ allows users to:

  • Track mood, pain and sleep
  • Make notes during appointments and record questions for doctors
  • Organise test results and medication details
  • Stay connected with loved ones, ask for help with daily tasks, and share updates with family and friends
  • Access articles and information


Visit to find out more about the range of support services available.   


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Cancer has a life changing impact, not only for the person who is diagnosed but also the person in the room with them, their wider family and friends.



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